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2008-08-16����12:38 p.m.

well after a heat streak of... what i think was 23 days in the 90s, i am sitting here in the cold dank house. its been raining for days after not seeing a drop all summer...

i have a wedding reception to go to today and i am so not feeling like it... and i am broke.

for sure.

although sitting in my pjs watching the gilmore girls is my favorite thing to do i am a little off today.

i made some stupid comment last night about wanting to go dancing and that i gained 30lbs since i have been with aaron (to him i am saying this) and that i was in my best shape when i used to go dancing once a week and that he either needed to start dancing or i had to find another boyfriend, and since, i dont want to do that... he needed to start dancing.

he left me standing there all alone and went inside and to bed.

i passed out on the couch after i came inside and this morning he was pretty cold.
i bet he will be over it when he gets home but i think he took what i was saying the wrong way... i just wanted to get him to get silly with me and dance in the yard.

bah. i sound like i am 18 again...

no biggie... its just bothering me that i might have hurt his feelings... but... its not my fault he is the whitest white guy with no rhythm! hhahahhahaha


i think the couch is calling em back... though, i really should be wiping my computer clean and rebooting it.

its been giving me shit lately and it shuts down when ever it feels like it...

i just sit and do my thing until it shuts off... then i take that as a sign and go do something else...

gosh. rain is sure gloomy.

i forgot what its like to have days of rain after rhode island..

i have been away a long time...

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