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2008-08-04����8:09 p.m.
updating updates

well... only two short years later i am back to write again... that is... thanks to randomlush...

i was just thinking about this place the other day... but i said to myself...

"gosh... that couldnt possibly still be functioning... i havent been there in so long..."

i went to randomly check my back up e-mail to make sure i still had it... its my only way to get back onto flickr if i sign out...

i was going to post pictures on a friend site for some friends who were married this past weekend...

it makes me think... i only read the last post i wrote in june of 06... i didnt see any mention of aaron... maybe i had previously written... i didnt even check being faced with the pure and simple excitement that my small diary has not been wiped off the face of the web to never be seen again... now... the question is...

do i give the big 2 year update complete with the ups and down of finding a job when all you have done for the last 3 years is bartend and your the suckiest waitress ever and you are faced with the prospect of never getting to be in the comfort of that 'behind the bar' atmosphere again?

tell you that i have completely flip flopped and i am now working at a grocery store?

do i tell you about how much i miss my friends and family and dread ever having to step back in rhode island again?

do i tell you about the 40lbs i have gained and the individuality i fear i have lost?

the amazing life i have created that i am so afraid of losing?

of my mother who is in the begining of her second year of recovering from cancer surgery?

or... do i just tell you about the weather?

i am sure i will try to do all in due time... but... as much as i have nothing to hide... i still see this as my dirty little secret...

and... now is not the time for me to try
to squeeze these thoughts into one post...

the is ghost hunters to be watch and nutty bars to eat.

love you

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