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2006-01-02����10:31 a.m.
oooh yay... another year...

another one bites the dust...
and i grab another tissue...

im sick for the third time since october and i would like to kill myself. if this is the illness my friend emily has... i should be puking my brains out in a day or so...

and much like emily who got hit with the vomit bug at work... i too will seeing... thats all i do.

what have i been doing lately you ask?

what did i do to bring in the new year?
i worked

what will you be doing in an hour?

and tomorrow?

and 80 years from now???
work work work

and you know what the funniest part of all is...


i'm trying to move my ass out of this state but i forgot about the rent and bills factor... so... i gain about $4.25 in my colorado fund every week.

i did however get a very generous card from my father for x-mas so... i am pretending that that money doesnt exist so i dont spend it... so far... so good...

not that i have any time to spend money what with WORKING ALL THE FUCKING TIME!

but alas... its better than sitting in front of the computer on my 4.5 days off and eat eat eat eating myself into oblivion...

and no matter how many walks to work i have taken... not a single ounce has been shed...

sorry for all the bitching... im just so sick and miserable and whiny that i had to get it out...

but... alas... i must shut the trap and get ready to leave... hot soup may have fixed my throat a bit but it doesnt change the fact that its 20 minutes to 11.

love love love

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