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baking and the interrobang - 2008-08-23
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2008-08-23����9:58 a.m.
baking and the interrobang

captains log: 8/23/08

baking brownies and cakes and making pasta salad galore for aarons birthday extravaganza.

well... more of just a bbq in the back yard but it will probably be the last one of the year...

i still need to clean the whole house, get the yard set up and get myself ready.
its 10am and everyone is slated to show up arond 4 so i have pleanty of time...

sorry, not so exciting. then, what in my life really is exciting anymore???

oh... and there was this punctuation mark that fell into disuse in the 70's, i wanna bring it back...
the interrobang.

rock out with your... well... its no longer on the keyboard... so... i cant put it there...

i really need to get these shirts made and fast!

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